Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Violent Crime Stats: MD vs VA

The Junkies got into a debate this morning about which state is better- Maryland or Virginia, which eventually led them to bringing up regulations, taxes, etc. between the two states. Eric Bickel said that he thought you needed a permit in Virginia to have a gun on your hip, which you don't, as long as the gun is in plain view for the general public to see. Maryland, whose gun regulations are considerably stricter and whose governor (right this very moment) is lobbying for more gun regulations, does not allow for one to carry a gun open without permit. In fact, you can't even own a hand gun without a registration in Maryland. Not the case in Virginia.

Curiously in Maryland (like in other states where the gun laws are stricter), the violent crime numbers are higher than they are in Virginia. And Maryland has about 2.2 million fewer people. Wow, that's interesting Mr. President, and all others who continue to spin and gloss over the statistics that show violent crime decreases in jurisdictions that have fewer gun restrictions.

2011 Statistics Per Virginia and Maryland Law Enforcement Data Base

Maryland (5.82 million residents)
28,797 "Violent Crimes", to include:
*398  Murders
*1,198 Rapes
*10,343 Forcible Robberies

Now the numbers for that "big bad hillbilly commonwealth" in Virginia, where as someone on twitter put it to me this morning, legislatures want "Arlington to be like the wild west". #ShutUpYouDope

Virginia (8.01 million residents)
15,932 "Violent Crimes", to include:
*303 Murders
*1,536 Rapes
*5,430 Forcible Robberies

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