Thursday, February 7, 2013

BT Sports Radio: Super Bowl Recap, Domonique Foxworth interview

The boys put a bow tie on the 2012 NFL season, recapping the Super Bowl, and finally giving the Baltimore Ravens their due. Former President of the NFLPA Domonique Foxworth joined the boys at the bottom of the first hour, and gave his take on the game, Baltimore Walmarts, and touched on the last CBA. Rich Turpin's Hollywood Hot Stove segment is still a hit, as is Phil Mickelson's putter- which the boys touched on in Jabby's Nuggets. Thanks for listening.

'BT Sports Radio-Feb. 5, 2013'

*Show Opening, the guys want to know why a former show PD won't remove the shows from his website.
*0:30:00 Domonique Foxworth joins the program.
*0:58:00 Rich Turpin's Hollywood Hot Stove, which actually involves more stories about non-Hollywood white trash than it does about Hollywood starlets, but whatever. The segment is a winner.

Enjoy the show and send us feedback on Twitter. @Sportsyack @Jabbyburns @TheRichTurpin

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Super Bowl Sunday Slaughter

Chalk One Up For Crazy. #Winning
San Francisco (-4) vs. Baltimore
I have picked against the Charm City Crowes this entire post season (and I'm 0-2 ATS by doing so), and at the request of the Charm City Crowes biggest fan, Matt "Picking NCAABB games ATS like its going out of Style" Valdez, I'm not going to stop here.

In reality, reader, I have been back and forth with this game for over a week now. However, I do believe I've come to my senses, and I'm going to go with the team who I believe (1) has better athletes across the board, and (2) at the end of the day, has the better defense.

Look at all the key positions on both sides of the ball. Other than the Special Teams, the 49er position players are more athletic or in the least, equal to that of his Raven counterpart.

Quarterback: Colin K. is the superior athlete to Joe F, but Joe F. has more post season experience, obviously. I'll still give the edge to the kid whose more athletic and more mobile. 49ers

Running Back: Frank Gore and Ray Rice are about even. Statistically speaking, Gore was ranked slightly higher, but Rice's 4th and 29 versus SD is worth something. Even

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis are better than any two wide outs the Ravens will trot out on Sunday. However, collectively, I think the Ravens have more options, and they spread the ball around more. But athletically speaking, 49ers

Defense: The 49ers are younger and statistically better. And although the Ravens are on a bit of a heater as of late (beat Peyton Manning in Denver/beat Tom Brady in Foxboro), I'll put my chips on the youth of San Fran. 49ers

Special Teams: David Akers has been a shit show this season (29-42, next to DFL in the league) for Frisco, and Baltimore's rookie Justin Tucker has been (30-33) solid all season. The Ravens were 1st in KO return yards, but they did give up two TD returns to Denver in the Divisional Round. Ravens

Other than the difference in skill position, and the overall athleticism of the 49ers, I also think Frisco's post season resume is more impressive. Its time to be critical, degens, and no offense to Baltimore, but lets be real here. Your first round win versus Indy almost a month ago, not that impressive.  You were sluggish at home, and granted you pulled away late, but you were extremely fortunate that the Colts WR/RB/TEs opted to catch footballs that day the same way old people f**k; poorly.

Deer Antler Spray Isn't Going to Help This Guy Today
And as exciting as the Denver game was, your highly touted Special Teams played like ass, as did the Denver Broncos secondary. For Redskins fans, it finally appeared that the Skins did get over on the Broncos in that Bailey for Portis trade that happened 10 years ago, because Champ played like a total dog. Not to mention the "Miracle at Mile High" that somehow happened. And as awesome and highly improbable that the before mentioned 4th and 29 conversion in San Diego was, that game tying touchdown in Denver was in the "get the f**k out of here" category.

Which brings me to two weeks ago. Finally, Baltimore. You played like a playoff team that deserves to be there. Your second half against New England in Foxboro was quite impressive. You held the Putz to less than 200 yards of total offense, 0 points, and you had those bitches Tom Brady and Bill Belidick sulking. Good on you.

But your fairy tale ride led by "God is Amaaaaazing!!!" Ray-Ray is going to come crashing down in a big way today.

The 49ers are quicker, they're better defensively, and and they will win in a rout. They absolutely dismantled Aaron Rodgers and the Pack, and then after yielding 17 points while getting thru their jet lag from flying across country, promptly outscored Atlanta 28-7 over the final 2.5 quarters of that football game. I also like their resume better over the last month of the season.

Over the last month of the season, Frisco pounded New England in New England (AFC/Super Bowl fave), pounded Green Bay (NFC/Super Bowl fave), and then flew across country and took care of the NFC's #1 seed. I realize that Baltimore was impressive in their win against New England as well, but I still can't ignore the not so impressive stuff.

Like their loss and then almost loss to a not very good Steeler team. And don't tell me, "Well, those are rivalry games, Yack!",  I don't give a shit. Pittsburgh is old, they finished 8-8, and ultimately, they were not a good team this year.

I'll also go back (for the 3rd time) to San Diego. Yes, the game in which the Ravens pulled their first miracle out of their ass this season. Raven fan, that game should not have come down to Ray Rice's miracle screen catch and run for 28-errrrrrr, I mean 29.5 yards (thanks, Ref). The Chargers were putrid this season. How did you let them hang around and pretty much beat you? Super Bowl winning teams don't allow that.

Today's First Player to Score and MVP. #VD
The party is over, Baltimore. You've had a nice run, and this is certainly not a hater piece. In fact, I haven't brought up Ray Ray's missing bloody white suit or the fact that Sports Illustrated claims he might've cheated to get back quicker from injury, once. Speaking of which,  I do think the Deer Antler story has been a distraction this week, and ultimately it will have some kind of negative affect on the Ravens.

Its been 10 years since the big game has produced what pretty much was a blowout-bore fest. Welcome to 2013 and New Orleans, Louisiana, people. I think this game could get out of hand and be for all intents and purposes, "over, Johnny" by midway through the 3rd quarter. I think Joe Flacco's run of perfection is due to go the other way, and I see the 49ers defense smothering and containing the Ravens to next to nothing. Take the 49ers against the number, and consider a smallish parlay with the over. 42-17 San Francisco.

Last Week                   1-1 ATS
YTD                      46-44-2 ATS
Since 2010          121-85-9 ATS

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