Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BT Sports Radio: The "Jewish Jordan" Interview

The Twitter-less Judge Patrick was welcomed into the Dawghouse Studios, as Rich and Yack are still searching for a third member of "the band". After a heated discussion in which Rich killed Third Eye Blind, who Yack defended, and after Rich killed the city in which he works (Baltimore), the discussion turned to how Roger Goodell's rule implementations are ruining the NFL. The guys ended the segment by talking about why the Redskins do NOT need to re-sign Fred Davis.

"The Jewish Jordan", Tamir Goodman (@TamirGoodman), called in to talk about what truly is an amazing story and his new book. The Baltimore native was a great interview, and his life story is truly inspiring; a true role model  for  all.

Rich's Stories began the second hour. Rich got us up to date on a woman from Oklahoma who hid a gun in her vagina, Bow Wow owes a stripper $80k, Yack talked about his basic training experience, and other important things you need to know. The guys concluded the show by talking about March Madness, and who their final four (or is it seven?) teams are. Thanks for listening.

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