Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello, friends

By: Mike Baxter (@sportsyack)

To anyone out there who gives a flying f**k, the blog will return on a regular basis on Monday, August 26th. This will begin a weekly column entitled Monday Morning Quarteryack. This title is a blatant rip off of everyone's favorite football writer, who would never be mistaken for a personal trainer, Peter King.

Essentially, this will be a weekly round up of EVERYTHING in the news- not just sports, and our* take on these news items. *Contains occasional contributions by one Judge Patrick, but also is looking for writers who would like to contribute.*

Also on the agenda over the next 5 weeks, will be my NFL ATS Winners posts. Although I'm horribly under .500 during NFL Playoffs ATS since 2009, my regular season record over this period is staggering. Its like 61% or something, which I've been told is good. (My 2011 NFL Campaign, my statistical best, was a disgustingly good 69% ATS, 38-17-4).

And to qualify myself in the put up or shut up category of life, I've opted to enter the $1,500 Las Vegas Hilton Super Contest.

With the help of The Legend (Vegas resident, and bet runner), I will be submitting 5 ATS picks per week (the same 5 you'll read about each week on this site) versus others who pony up the $1,500 to enter said contest. The Las Vegas Hilton sports book then tracks every entrant's ATS record throughout the year, and cash prizes are paid at season's end. I look forward to the 2013 NFL campaign, and hopefully you'll join me during the journey.

Lastly....although real work and other things have taken me away from the blogging and pod casting, I would like to give a big shout out to the guys I worked with at NTN Radio Network, who contributed to the success of  BT Sports Radio in the 9 months it existed. Rich Turpin and Jabby Burns are real radio pros, and were great to work with. Continued success behind the mics. Also, our original producer Tom C. Block from Eyes Radio, as well as the guys who took us to the next level, NTN Radio Network's Phil Worthington and Ken Kaplan. It was a pleasure doing the show with you guys.

I'll be back in about 4 weeks.

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