Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thursday Night NFL Football: Browns ask, "Trent who?"

Buffalo at Cleveland (-4)
We're number one !!!
Two weeks ago I vowed to never get down on another horseshit NFL Thursday night football game. This past Saturday morning- following a Friday night bender, I vowed never to drink again after waking up in my urine soaked jeans and with a bow legged, lethargic llama in my room. Monday night I was throwing back shots of tequila at a local watering hole with some of my neighbors, "pre-gaming" before we watched the Metallica concert movie.

The Thursday night NFL product, for the most part, is garbage. Two NFL teams, who just 4 days ago subjected themselves to the every play violence that is the National Football League, are back at it again. And it usually is an ugly, low scoring affair. This year's contests thus far (excluding opening night, whose teams had the benefit of more than 3 days rest) have produced 3 unders to 0 overs. 

Cleveland seems to not have missed a beat since trading away Trent Richardson. An impressive road win at Minnesota, and then last weekend's beat down of what's supposed to be a descent Bungals team. Third string QB Brian Hoyer (whose middle name is Axel) has the hot hand right now. Almost 600 yards passing and 5 TDs over his last two starts. And don't sleep on Cleveland's young, talented defense. 3rd overall in the league, and they will present major problems for an inconsistent, non 60 minute playing Bills team.

The Bills are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games, but they're 1-4 ATS in their last 5 roadies.  Bills have played 4 straight games decided by one score or less, but that trend ends this week. As will the trend in which the Thursday night road team has covered three straight. 23-13 Browns.

The rest of Yack's Week 5 card will be released by Saturday.

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