Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Swipe That Became The Beginning of The End For The Braves

By. Mike Baxter

Back on August 9th while the Nats were playing a series in Atlanta, the tomahawk chopping, fair weathered fans of the Braves, took exception to Bryce Harper dragging his foot across the Braves 'A' logo that is carved into the dirt behind the batter's box. The ire for the young phenom even carried over to this week's series in Atlanta, when home plate umpire Tim Welke ejected a Braves fan ,who I think directed 6 of the 7 dirty words George Carlin said you cannot say, at Harper.

In any case, Bryce Harper's swipe of his cleat across the 'A' back on that August Saturday night, seemed to spark the Nats, and essentially became the beginning of the end for the Braves.

When the Nats left Atlanta that weekend, they were just 3.5 games up on their divisional foes. They proceeded to win their next 10 games in a row, and 12 of 13. In total during this stretch, they won 25 of 37 games, while the Braves went just 16-21 during that same period. Also, worthy to note, the Nats- who hadn't consistently beat Atlanta since the 2012 campaign, took 5 of 8 from their divisional foes.

Fast forward to the middle of September, the Nats have an 11.5 game lead, they clinched their division with almost two weeks to go in the season, and the Braves are making tee times for the first week in October. Swipe on, Bryce.

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