Thursday, November 13, 2014

Two Road Wins in San Fran and Indy, and Its On To The Playoffs!

By. Mike Baxter

Sports are supposed to be fun. Quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of sports taking its proverbial cock and shoving it up my ass. Hence the reason I've opted not to post my ATS picks since Week 5. (22-28 ATS thru 10 weeks in the LVHSC)

It got so bad that I even had The Legend pick two weeks, so yeah, I'm a quitter too. Kind of like the 1,3, and 4 hitters on the Nats during the first week of October. (That's a whole another "sports" story in my life, that required 4 therapy sessions and a Tuesday night bender with two prostitutes and a three fingered midget)

But in any case, sports is supposed to be fun and entertaining- something that takes us away from the normal day to day activities of tweeting, poker, and tweeting. And although most of the DMV has punted on our Washington Redskins 2014 season, I've found a glimmer of hope, like a flop that completely missed me, but one that I'm going to float, because I'm taking this bitch down on the river.

Coach Jay Gruden recently said that this team was a few plays away, or some shit like that, from being 7-2. And although I think this is a bit of a stretch, I would say that 5-4 is more like it, and you don't have to look any further than their last game.

The Redskins should've beat Minnesota, period, end of story. For one, RG3 played a lot better than myself or most of the DMV probably expected him to play after his injury layoff. He made some very good throws and made at least one unbelievable play with his feet. The Redskins dominated the first half, and be it not for that late first half, awful fucking pass he threw, the Redskins would've won that game EASILY. The difference between going into halftime up 10-0 versus 10-7, especially in the manner in which 10 to 7 got there, was like night and day. Which is why I questioned all the MMQBs who killed Jim Haslett for that one, but whatever...

The second game I'd make a case for is Week 3 at Philly. Kirk Cousins throws for 427 yards (which, oh by the way, everyone punting on him already...hold off...) and your offense scores 34 points, you have to win the fucking game!!!! And you CANNOT give up 100 yard kick off returns for touchdowns! So yeah, I'm making a strong case that they could've won that game.

So I'd say they're a 5-4 "type" team, who could've beat the current division leader on the road, and who DID go into the division leader's (at the time) house on Monday Night Football, and punched them right in their stupid, botoxed faces.

So the Redskins have proven that they can play with 7-2 and 7-3 type teams, and they did this without their starting Quarterback. And now they have their starting Quarterback back, for the late season, playoff run.

First things first, the Redskins will pummel the Fuccaneers this weekend at Fed Ex. The Fucs have scored 17 points or less for 4 straight weeks. They've had a merry go round at the Quarterback position, and not because of injury. Their defense is 31st against the pass, and if you were somewhat impressed with RG3's first week back from injury, he should get his grove back in a big way this Sunday. I didn't play the Redskins in the Hilton contest (listen, I'm not that fucking crazy...), but I most likely will lay the 7 and pound them with my man come 12:45 Sunday afternoon.

So we've established that the Redskins will be 4-6 going into the two crucial games of this late season run. And here we go:

They can beat Frisco in Frisco, and I'm actually confident that they will. The 49ers are not who we thought they were, Mr. Green. There is coaching change chatter, they've had off the field issues, and they're not the juggernaut of a team that they were a couple years ago. Statistically, they're ranked 20th on offense and 2nd on defense, but defensively, they're still yielding almost 23 points/per. If the Redskins protect the football AND their special teams does not shit the bed, they will win this game going away. Mark my word.

Next week's game is not going to be as "easy". The only thing I'll say is that the Redskins will be riding a two game winning streak, including an impressive roadie at Frisco. So their confidence- especially Griffin's, will be high.  And I think playing indoors and on the turf might be to the Redskins advantage. Listen, I'm not Rich fucking Turpin, as I don't sleep in my burgundy and gold colored glasses, but Griffin to D-Jax a few times, could equate to as gratifying a win as Monday night in Dallas was a few weeks ago.

As far as how they'll contain that Luck guy, uhh, blah-blah-blah-blah...bluh-bluh-bluh-bluh. Or in other words, lets hope Jim Haslett draws up a game plan similar to that Monday night game.

So now the Redskins are 6-6 with 4 games to play. Those 4 games include 3 home games against St. Louis, Dallas, and Philly- obviously, under the scenario I've presented in this post, all games they must win. Their lone roadie during this stretch is at the Giants, which is no walk in the park, but one in which they can and must win to complete the late season run, finishing with a 10-6 record.

As far as getting into the playoffs is concerned, they will do so by virtue of winning the division. They will have beaten Dallas twice, who ultimately will be 8-8 (see their schedule after this week's bye). And looking at Philly's schedule, they could easily lose 4-5 of their remaining 7 games, to finish 10-6 or 9-7.

For one, they have Mark Sanchez under center for the rest of the way. I realize he's got playoff pedigree, but he's still Mark Sanchez. And their schedule includes this week's tilt at Green Bay (which they'll lose), two games against Dallas (they'll split), and games against Seattle in Philly (Redskins fans will be HUGE Seahawks fans this day), at Washington (loss), and at NY Giants.

So there it is. Two huge roadies that can make or break the season. And if by some chance they were to win them both, they WILL win the division and get a home playoff game against either Seattle, Green Bay, or Detroit. Keep the faith, Redskins fan. Runner-runner flush is doable.

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