Sunday, November 15, 2015

NFL Week 10: Let's Fill Our Pockets With a Knot of Dollar Bills

We Will Be Eating All Our Oreo Cookies This Week
I spent a day and a half driving up and back to the JPO at the Borgata, so I don't have much insight-errrrrrr, time to tell my readers why I picked said(s) game. The trip itself, for what its worth, was somewhat successful considering I came back with about what I brought, and I bought in and did not cash in two different poker tournaments.

The Borgata did not disappoint, as usual, with their top of the line rooms, the best poker room in the country- in my humble opinion, and the usual chatter at the table from some random from Staten Island or Cape May, who gives you his insight in his Chris Russo like accent, about why the Mets lost the World Series, or how the Giants can stick around and make it a game this weekend with the Patriots.

In any case, good times.

The Legend and I are batting 56% thru 9 Weeks (24-19-2, 25 points) and its go time. The leader, "rounding again", is an unbelievable 84% (36-7-2, 37 points). There are over 1,700 entrants and only the Top 50 get paid. Realistically, with 8 weeks (40 picks) to go, Yours Truly probably needs to go somewhere in the 29-11 or 30-10 range to have a chance to cash. That would put us at about 65% for the year. First place money this year is estimated to be about $800,000.

Carolina at Tennessee (+5.5)
Marcus Mariota is pretty good for a rookie. And Tennessee's defense is better than advertised. The Panthers aren't one of the teams that will go undefeated, as they won't even represent the NFC in the Super Bowl (see my buddy Tony and I's $1,500 Arizona Cardinals 8/1 futures ticket to win the Super Bowl). Bet 5 units on the Titans getting the points, and bet half of that on the money line. Barking dog, straight up winner. 24-19 Titans, ruff-ruff.

New Orleans (PK) at Washington
Kirk Cousins is having a pretty good rookie season, all things considered. Just ask JP Flaim from the Sports Junkies. But Drew Brees is better, both defenses are suspect, and Sean Payton has access to better prescription drugs than Jay Gruden. Check mark Saints, Larry. 33-24 Saints

Jacksonville (+5.5) at Baltimore
I'm not sure how the Ravens are laying anyone points at this juncture in the season. They're lucky they're not 0-8 thru the halfway point in the season, and they're more beat up than Freddie Gray after a BPD joy ride. This is the easiest game on the board today. Consider borrowing money on top of the money you already have to bet on the Jags here. 27-20 Jags, ruff-ruff.

New England (-7) at New York Giants
Expect Tom Brady to continue his "middle finger tour" (as Mad Dog Radio's Adam Schein calls it), as he rolls into the Meadowlands to face the hated Giants, who statistically have the worst defense in the entire league. The Giants only success has come from their league leading (+11) give away/take away stat. Only problem is, the Patriots don't turn the ball over. Tom Brady might throw for 800 yards today. 47-23 Patriots.

Arizona at Seattle (-3)
This is Seattle's season, in a nutshell, Alice In Chains fan. Lose here to my Cardinals, and you can stick a fork in the Seahawks and their 12th man tree hugger fans. All of Larry's check marks would literally go to Arizona here, but this is just a feeler game for me, based on the before mentioned importance of it. Some dude named Thomas Rawls is going to have himself a game. 20-14 Seahawks.

Last Week               2-3 ATS
YTD                 24-19-2 ATS

**lines are from the Westgate Sportsbook, 11-12-15**follow this blog on twitter @sportsyack

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  1. Those are some great team recaps. However, I would love to see your view on players as well as well. I love fantasy football and it would be useful for me. I have only seen good reviews on players each week.


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