Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Another Example of Why the Pro Bowl is a Joke, and The Anti-Redskins Name Movement is Working

I Guess You Just Need to Get Better, Fellas
Regardless of how the Pro Bowl voting is done, it just goes to show you (once again) that Pro Bowls/ All Star Games are nothing more than popularity contests. And since the media, league, and most fans outside of DC have decided that the team name 'Redskins' is not that popular and extremely racist, a player who plays for said racist team name is not going to get any favors. Regardless of how much he pummels his colleagues in essentially every statistical category.

                                   Comp %    Passing YDs  TDs     INTs   Rushing TDs  Passer Rating

Kirk Cousins                 69.8            4,166            29        11            5                   101.6

Tyrod Taylor                  63.7            3,035            20         6            4                     99.4

Teddy Bridgewater        65.3             3,231           14         9            3                      88.7

Oh yeah, Jordan Reed- who missed 2 games during the regular season due to injury- finished 2nd in both TD catches (11) and receptions (87) for all NFL tight ends. He too (apparently) wasn't good enough to participate in the Pro Bowl. 

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