Friday, January 15, 2016

NFL Divisional Round, ATS #WINNERS

Kansas City (+5) at New England
Bill Belichek has a mysterious black eye, and his players are dabbling in hallucinogenic drugs- allegedly. This is all set up for Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs to have a feast- no pun intended, Andy- on a Patriots team that will officially (and actually, its already started) see the start of the decline of what was a great sports dynasty. Sorry, Tom. I know you're a 10, and your wife is a 10, and you've recently been quoted saying you'd play 10 more years, but its over Johnny.

Sure, there is an argument to jump all over New England at home in January on two weeks rest against Alex Smith and the before mentioned Andy Reid, but the value here is getting a team who is on an 11 game heater, catching points. Not to mention, New England literally limped into the post season, besides having lost 4 of their last 6 entering this contest. Also noteworthy- Kansas City has rushed for 100+ in 10 of those 11 heater games. If Kansas City scores 14-17 points in the first half, and has a lead midway thru the 3rd quarter, count your chickens (fried, the way Andy likes them), Chief fan. 24-21 Chiefs.

Green Bay (+7) at Arizona
Ride the heater, bettors. The Pack got their groove back in PG County last week, tho to an inferior opponent, but it will propel them Saturday night against a team who absolutely embarrassed them a few weeks ago. I think this game has shootout potential, and could come down to the final drive. I'm rooting for 'Zona, as "Tony" and I have a monetary interest in 'Zona winning the Super Bowl, but I would not expect another 30 point blow out in the desert, and not to sound selfish, but I do hope 'Zona prevails. 34-30 Cardinals.

Seattle at Carolina (-1.5)
Chatting with my boys Rich and Jabby this week, we've concluded that Carolina's 15-1 regular season record might be the most underrated regular season accomplishment, in the history of sports. I mean, shouldn't this be getting a little bit more run? And who cares how Cam Newton celebrates after touchdowns, you racists....Alls I know, is that that nerd Aaron Rodgers has been doing the Double Check whatever the fuck its called for 5 years now, and he gets a free pass, all while looking like a complete horse's ass while doing it. Also, Cam Newton is pretty good, like MVP good.

Seattle has playoff pedigree, but they missed the boat not handing the ball to Marshawn last February, and their 3rd consecutive game on the road- while luckily escaping frigid Minnesota last weekend- finally catches up to them. 30-20 Panthers. 

Pittsburgh at Denver(-7)
The least interesting game to me this weekend, and unlike the 4:40 game last weekend that I wished had been either Saturday night or 1 pm Sunday, I'm glad this game is the weekend 'Capper. Here's the deal, The Legend told me Thursday that The Wynn had this game off the board with all the uncertainty of injury. And my guess is that this game closes at 8 or 8.5. If that's the case, take a pass and watch the first 3 seasons of Bates Motel on Netflix instead. That show is the most entertaining show I've watched, from a story and character POV, since Breaking Bad. Peyton pisses off all the Al Jazeer apologists, and sends Big Hair, Big Ass, Big Truck Nation to bed in a drunken stooper. 26-12 Broncos. 

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