Saturday, January 9, 2016

Wildcard Weekend Winners and a Netflix Movie

One of the cool things about no longer being in a contest that you blew $1,500 on, is that you're not forced to pick 5 games, regardless of your tingle factor on the card that weekend. For example, last weekend I didn't really care for any of the games, in what was essentially a pretty meaningless Week 17 card of poo-poo football. However, I was in love with the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau, so I gave out a big, fat, money-line winner, and the 4 people who read this blog and bet on my advice, were happy.

I must admit that during the season, regardless of how strong or not I feel about a particular week's card, it is empowering for me to be able to tell The Legend to get in his car and drive his old, cranky ass down to the Westgate for us. But other than that, a lot of weeks I really don't like anything I write in this space. There, I admitted it, suckers.

All Smiles Saturday in Cincy
So that brings us to the second weekend of January, 2016- NFL's Wildcard Weekend, and I only like two of the four games. The first being your Cincinnati Bengals (+3) hosting Big Hair, Big Ass, Big Truck Nation's favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Here's the deal. I was going to whip it out for the second weekend in a row, and just tell you to bet the money-line on the 'Gals. And in fact, I already had The Legend do it earlier this week. But for the sake of erring on the safe side, and not getting too big for my $250 True Religion designer jean britches, go ahead and swallow your man's juice- ummm, and take that field goal which I'm hoping "we're" not even going to need.

This game has nothing to do with the fact that Andy Dalton is out again, and more to do with the fact that the Main Stream Media has sold you a bag of fools gold with the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the weeks leading up to the playoffs, every no talent that ESPN employs, whether it was an ex-athlete or just a 145 lb know nothing like Bomani Jones, was telling me in so many words, "YOU DO NOT WANT TO FACE THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS IN ROUND ONE....YADA-YADA-YADA.."

Oh, I don't, huh?  Well, lets see.

Has anyone looked at the Steelers' defense? This is a defense whose ranked 21st overall, 30th against the pass, and whose numbers have actually come down towards the good over the last 6 weeks, as Pittsburgh has had the remarkable fortune of facing 5 straight back up quarterbacks in a row (6 today). This is a Pittsburgh Steeler team whose ass was on the line two weeks ago in Baltimore, but they let a horrible, banged up Ravens team, who was Quarterbacked by Ryan Friggin' Mallett, beat them 20-17. This is a Pittsburgh Steeler team who got a reprieve last weekend, and with a Jets loss and by them simply beating the Browns, they'd back door it into the post season.

So while scoreboard watching and seeing that the Jets were essentially never in the game- as New York never even had a lead- the Steelers were in a dog fight for 3 quarters with the Austin Davis led, going nowhere fast, Cleveland Browns.

Are you kidding me? And I'm supposed to believe- even if A.J. McCarron is under center for Cincy, which is irrelevant here- that this Steeler team is a solid 3 point favorite on the road, against divisional foe Cincinnati, whose head coach is throwing an 0'fer when it comes to playoff games, and he's due like Ian Desmond during a "5 for his last 49" slump?

No thanks, Vegas. I'm pounding the Bengals with the points, and backing it up with a smallish money-line bet. 21-17 Cincinnati.

Aaron Don't Like That
Lastly, I'm going down with my heart and the Burgundy and Gold colored ship. The 4:40 pm EST game on Sunday comes down to basic NFL Handicapping. One team is going in one direction right now, and the other team is going in the other. Redskins (PK)

The Pack is just 4-6 over their last 10. They are an unsuccessful Hail Mary away from being 3-7 during that span, and 3-7 teams generally suck. As I mentioned last week, this 24th ranked Packer offense is the worst offense in Green Bay since 1991. And Aaron Rodgers looks and sounds lost, see and hear the post game presser from last weekend.

Washington, on the other-hand, has won 4 games in a row and 7 of their last 10. Kirk Cousins has been playing, essentially, as good as any Quarterback in the league over the last 6 weeks. Their defense has come up big in spots, and they've got a handful of weapons on offense that present problems week to week for opposing defenses.

Unlike a Washington locker-room that seems to be a perfect mix of chemistry and good will, the Packers just seem like a defeated team and that they're a bit off their axis this year. I actually think this game is going to be a good old fashioned beat down. Redskins 1 will be in the desert next weekend for a date with Carson Palmer. 36-17 Redskins.

******Off Topic******

As everyone rants and raves and screams and complains about the injustice in "Making a Murderer", take a pass on that nonsense and watch a movie on Netflix called "Blue Ruin". Ho-Lee-Shit.....

Here's the deal...this dude, whose basically homeless and living under the boardwalk at Bethany Beach (story takes place there and in Central Virginia), finds out that the shit bag who murdered his parents is being released from prison. So the story revolves around this homeless guy's quest to avenge his parents' deaths, and the conflict he and the murderer's families have had ever since. That's all you need to know. There are no big name actors in the movie, although the girl who played Jan Brady, who is now an old woman, appears in the very end. In any case,  I highly recommend you watch this very intense, under the radar film. And its only 90 minutes long, which is like watching only 1.5 episodes of that bore fest  "Murderer" documentary.  #BDYack

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