Sunday, August 7, 2016

Voc'e pegou sua oportunidade e partiu no meio

In case anyone gives a flying f**k....

The Legend and I considered all variables of the $4,500 we spent over the last 3 years we entered the Westgate Super Contest, and it became clear to us that we had no f**king chance of ever cashing.

For one, we don't handicap NFL football for a living. The Legend is a late 60s (generous) retired home boy, via Los Angeles, via Northern Virginia when he worked, now (via) living in Las Vegas in his much deserved retirement. Myself, The Yack, am a 40 something business owner, still actively doing business. And neither of us have the sources nor the information that the 2,000+ have, who enter the contest every year.

Google the winners and the people who have cashed the last 5+ years. They're all (mostly) professional handicappers who do this for a living. In other words, we have NFC.

And as fun as it was to present our picks every week, and although I did bat 69% in 2009- tho doing so not having to pick 5 games per week (and not in in that year's contest) as the contest requires- its just not a winning proposition. And in our case, would require one hell of a (lucky) heater.

Think of it like horse betting; you will not win in the long run.

Secondly, I used this forum to promote a podcast I did with my boys Rich and Jabby, which I will also not be doing anymore.

As far as my lack of Twitter activity, I'd finally reached the point my much younger (and smarter) brother reached some 5+ years ago; Twitter is a much needed? distraction, that I felt reached a boiling point with the multiple social media phony causes, and the back and forth over the embarrassing two candidate field that this country produced for this upcoming Presidential election. Noise, noise, and more noise. Most of it lacking the common sense that can actually be productive to improve things. I had had enough....

And the reporting, should be left to those who report for a living, which is something I don't do. And something too many Twitter ass hats (me included) feel like we're doing; we're not, THOM.

I will continue to update my poker experiences on Twitter, under @sportsyack. My next "big" tournament is the first week of November in the PPC Main Event, $2,400 buy-in, which is in Aruba.

Thanks to everyone who ever read this blog, especially the NFL bettors. I enjoyed writing it each and every week, but like all good things....they're still good. Its just over, Johnny.

Piss off, cake.

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