Monday, December 12, 2016

Go Giants!!!! Go Cowboys!!!!....Did I Just Say That? #RedskinsTalk

By. Mike Baxter, @sportsyack

Another week of NFC games in the books, and yet another week of uncertainty of who might be playing post-season football. But if you follow this feed on Twitter, you would know where I'm going with this. If you're "Redskin Fan", the most threatening team(s) to your playoff chances, other than your own- are the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions.

Wait, Yack. What about the Bucs?

Tampa is done, they just don't know it yet. And when they lose two of their last three (at Dallas, at New Orleans, home vs. Carolina), that (9-7) record won't be quite enough to win their division, nor to snag that final Wild Card spot.

The Redskins fate- other than what their bend but sometimes break defense does, or what the Sybil-esque foot of Dustin Hopkins does- will be determined by what the Packers and Lions do over these next three weeks. And while "Redskin Fan" who understands the 2016 NFC playoff picture, has been rooting for the Dallas Cowboys the last few weeks, prepare yourselves to root on the G-Men as well.

Detroit at (9-4), who currently lead their division and whose starting QB apparently dislocated a finger on his throwing hand, finishes at the Giants, at Dallas, and finishes the campaign at HOME against the Packers. And assuming the Redskins win two of their last three (which is no guarantee, obviously- but its what's needed in the least) to finish (9-6-1), the Redskins are also going to need Detroit to lose at least one of the games versus the Giants or Cowboys.

Why's that, Yack?....

...because the Packers (at Chicago, v. Minnesota, at Detroit) could EASILY run the table, including their end of the season showdown at Detroit. And if that happens, Green Bay finishes 10-6. If Detroit beats either the Giants or the Cowboys, and then even if they do lose to Green Bay in that Week 17 showdown, you'd have both the Pack and the Lions finishing with identical 10-6 records.

And if that happens, "Redskin Fan", I don't like "our" chances.

Lots could happen. Maybe Tampa is for real, wins out or goes 2-1 next three weeks. I don't think either of those things happen. Redskins could lose two of three and this is all moot. Maybe they shock this author, and win out. I don't think these scenarios happen either. What I think will happen, is that the Redskins will 100% beat the Chicago Bears in two weeks. And I think they're going to split with Carolina and the NY Giants. And if that happens, Green Bay and Detroit are going to be a huge factor on the Redskins playoff chances, and there will be some serious GB/DET scoreboard watching by "Redskin Fan", on January 1st, 2017.

#GoGiants!   #GoCowboys!

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